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Simple and cheap solution for protection of voltage transformers against damages caused by feroresonance phenomenon. Resistor should be connected as ballast to secondary windings of VT’s arranged as open delta.

Required burden of core is at least 60VA.
Recommended place for assembly of resistor is outside of switchgear panel, on the upper cover of low voltage cabinet.
Dimensions of resistor TKR-8S: length 350mm x height 125mm x width 90mm.

FerroDamp – active ferroresonance damper

FerroDamp is a device which actively protects voltage transformers against unwanted ferrofesonance phenomenon. In comparison to damping resistor, FerroDamp works definitely faster and in smart way. FerroDamp, like damping resistor, should be connected to secondary windings in open delta arrangement. However, because FerroDamp is active only in case of ferroresonance or ground fault of one phase, the open delta windings can be used for protection purposes as well.

Required burden of secondary winding is 15-20VA.
The device can be installed inside switchgear panel, in low voltage compartment.

ALCE voltage indicators type OVI

OVI Capacitive Voltage Indicators are designed for indication of presence of primary voltage in medium voltage switchgears together with reactance insulators with capacitive voltage divider (OVI-E). Device can be equipped with relay with one (OVI-R), or two (OVI-R2) separate contact outputs for condition monitoring and switchgear automation. OVI indicators can be applied in any 6-36 kV indoor switchgears.


Earthing switches with making capacity, designed for use in indoor switchgears for voltage 12 to 17.5 kV and short-circuit currents up to 31.5 kA. The snap-action closing mechanism is independent of theoperation. They fully replace earthing switch EK6, without the need for structural changes in switchboards. Earthing switches UZ12/17 meet the requirements of IEC 62271-102.

"AKK-energia" company provides a complete drive for earthing switch UZ12/17 adapted to practically all types of switchgear panels. The enclosed drawing shows example of a typical solution for manually operated earthing switch drive. The operating force is transferred from operating shaft to the earthing switch shaft through a bevel gear system adapted to the requirements of switchgear design (different types of gear are shown on the attached pictures). The length of the drive shaft and drive arrangement is individually tailored to the design requirements of panels.

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